Q. How can I attend one of the viewing parties? How can I connect with others who are going?
A. Join the official Hidden Cup 5 Viewing Party discord. The discord has all the information you need for attending a viewing party, and you can connect with others who are attending.
Q. Will there be a viewing party in Germany?
A. At this time, there is not a viewing party scheduled for Germany. Viewing parties are currently scheduled for Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA and London, England.
Q. How do the players stay anonymous? Does T90 know who is who?
A. Tournament admins have created separate hero accounts for the players. The admins schedule the matches and create the game lobbies, so even the players don't know who they are up against. For the best casting experience, T90 only knows what the viewers know!
Q. How were the players selected for the main event?
A. The top 8 players from Hidden Cup IV were invited back. The remaining spots in the main event are filled based on the Qualifier. More information on the Hidden Cup V: Qualifier can be found here.
Q. How can I support Hidden Cup? Can I donate to the prize pool?
A. Starting on the first day of the main event (Feb 25th), 50% of all donations will go directly to the prize pool. The best way to support Hidden Cup V is spread the word about it, tell your friends, your parents, your neighbors, your dog, etc.